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How to Disable View Source in WordPress using plugin?

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Nowadays, nothing is worse than having your website’s content stolen by someone else. In our previous article, we discussed how to prevent website images from being copied. But, images on a website isn’t the only content there is. Source codes need to be protected as well. Almost as much as images.

In this article, we would like to how to disable view source code in WordPress using plugin.

How to Disable View Source in WordPress? With Content Protector Pack

Content Protector Pack is one of the best plugins to protect your website’s source code, designed and developed by BetterStudio. This plugin prevents your website’s content from being copied. This plugin was created to prevent hackers from accessing your source code.

That’s right, by using the Content Protector Pack you can disable the view source option or you can customize the text it gets displayed in view source.

Content Protector Pack is a premium plugin. Thus, to use it you have to either purchase it separately or buy the Publisher theme. Once you have purchased the plugin, follow the steps below:

1. From the dashboard click on Publisher.

2. Then, Plugins.

3. Type Content Protector Pack in the search box.

4. Download and activate it.

disable view source wordpress plugin

5. From the left-hand-side menu hover over BetterStudio and click on Content Protector Pack.

disable view source wordpress plugin

By enabling View Source Protection, you disable view source in WordPress.

As mentioned above, this plugin comes with many features, it can protect your posts and even disable the right-click. Besides, all the hotkeys to cut, copy and paste will be disabled as well. In addition, your website won’t send any feed to any third-party website trying to copy your content. Content Protector also sends a message to users trying to copy your content.

Furthermore, all the options to copy images will be disabled as well as the ability to use iFrames and embed your content on their website. In other words, Content Protector is a nightmare for people who scout the internet to copy other’s work.

Hide View source using WP Content Copy Protection

disable view source wordpress plugin

WP Content Copy Protection is a disable view source WordPress plugin. Currently, this plugin has over 30,000 active installations and it’s considered one of the best and easiest plugins to work with and protect your website’s content.

WP Content Copy Protection disables right-click, drag and drop, save images, selecting texts, and most importantly view source code. In addition, it disables Windows hotkeys that could select, cut, copy and paste your content. In other words, WP Content Copy Protection is yet another plugin to protect your source code from hackers.

If you truly care about your website’s content, then we recommend installing this plugin to hide the source code.

This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. As usual, the premium version unlocks more features and allows you to configure the plugin for each post and pages of your website. WP Content Copy Protection is compatible with most WordPress themes and most importantly WooCommerce.

How to Hide the Fact that you are using WordPress?

As a website owner, protecting your website should be your number 1 priority so that hackers can’t gain access to your website.

disable view source wordpress plugin

WordPress is one of the safest content management systems in the world, but as you probably know, even the safest content management system isn’t 100% secure and you must take precautions and prepare in case of an attack. One of the safest ways to protect your website from hackers and spammer bots is to hide the fact that your website is powered by WordPress.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, a lot of hackers tend to focus on hacking WordPress websites. Because most WordPress users use weak and easily guessed passwords or use old WordPress versions. Often, some plugins have security flaws and hackers can use them to gain access to your WordPress website.

The whole idea behind hiding that your website is powered by WordPress is so that hackers can’t find out which content management system you are using. Another way is to hide the WordPress version you are using. In addition, by hiding changing permalinks, files, and categories, you can hide the core files from bots and hackers.

However, hiding the fact that you are using WordPress won’t work all the time. Because there’s always a way to find out what website builder or version your website is using. But you can install WordPress security plugins to eliminate any weakness on your website that could lead to a possible hack.


Whether you want to protect your website’s identity and content is totally up to you. But keep in mind, there are always hackers who are on the haunt to gain access to your website’s content and especially source code, or even people who are only after copying your website’s content and they have no shame of using it without your permission.

There are a lot of plugins you can use to protect your website’s content and we have introduced the top ones in this article today.

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