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8+ Best WordPress Currency Converter Plugin

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Nowadays, online trading and exchange are rapidly increasing and since most websites are powered by WordPress the need to have a currency converter plugin is also increasing.

In this article, we would like to introduce the best WordPress currency converter plugin. Keep in mind, our list includes both free and premium plugins.

1. CoomDream Financial Pack Pro

wordpress currency converter plugin

The first WordPress currency converter plugin on our list is Financial Pack Pro. This is the most complete financial plugin and currency converter in WordPress. By using Financial Pack Pro, you can display financial news, cryptocurrency, and stock market data on your website.

No programming is required to use this plugin, everything will be done with shortcodes and widgets. This plugin comes with more than 110 widget and shortcode styles.

The most important feature of this plugin is the fact that it comes with a live currency converter that supports both the stock market and cryptocurrency.

This plugin supports RTL languages and its translation ready. In addition, it supports more than 190 currencies and 1000 stock markets. Financial Pack Pro is considered the best WordPress currency converter plugin that can be purchased for $39 separately or you download it for free by purchasing the Publisher theme.

2. Currency Converter Widget

wordpress currency converter plugin

Currency Converter Widget is the next WordPress currency converter plugin on our list. By using this plugin, you can convert currency in WordPress and allow visitors to use the plugin on your website.

All the changes are done with widgets and shortcodes and the customization doesn’t need any programming knowledge. You can simply change its colors, fonts, language, and even currency. This simple yet powerful plugin is also translation ready.

This plugin is translated into 8 different languages English, Dutch, French, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. All of which can be selected with one simple click. Currency Converter Widget is a free plugin that can be downloaded either from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

3. Currency Converter

wordpress currency converter plugin

Currency Converter is another WordPress currency converter plugin. By adding this plugin to your website, you can easily calculate different exchanges. Currently, it supports more than 200 currencies. The calculations happen instantly and the widget can be customized very easily.

Currency Converter has over 2000 active installations and you can download it from either WordPress website or dashboard.

4. Open Currency Converter

wordpress currency converter plugin

Open Currency Converter is another free WordPress currency converter plugin on our list. This plugin is mostly used in American and European websites. This plugin doesn’t need to be updated, it automatically updates its 270 currencies. The displayed results can be saved in your browser’s cache which can increase the performance of the website.

By using the widgets and shortcodes implemented in this plugin, you can make the changes you want to the plugin without knowing any programming knowledge. By using the following shortcode you can add the currency converted to your website:

[“convert number=49.99 from=”GBP" to="usd]

This plugin is available for free and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Open Currency Converter can be downloaded from the WordPress website or dashboard itself.

5. Currency Converter Calculator

The next WordPress currency converter plugin on our list is the Currency Converter Calculator. This plugin supports more than 195 currencies and automatically updates itself.

This plugin uses shortcodes and widgets and allows you to customize the plugin by using them. You can customize the template, background color, size, language, and other features the plugin offers.

All of the calculations are done on another server. Thus, your website won’t lose any performance. Besides, the Currency Converter Calculator has a responsive design so it works perfectly fine on most devices.

6. TCMB Currencies Converter

TCMB Currencies Converter supports more than 19 currencies. Widgets and shortcodes that come with the plugin allow you to add the converter to your WordPress website without any issues.

TCMB supports TRY, USD, AUD, DKK, EUR, GBP, CHF, SEK, CAD, KWD, NOK, SAR, JPY, BGN, RON, RUB, IRR, CNY and PKR. In addition, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Thus, you can connect these two plugins together and allow your customers to change the currency of your website or pay in their preferred currencies.

This premium plugin starts at only $11 and you can extend the support up to 12 months by paying an extra $2.25.

7. CBX Currency Converter

CBX Currency Converter is the next WordPress currency converter plugin on our list. This plugin does exactly what it is named after.

This free plugin uses shortcodes and widgets and allows you to add a currency converter to your website. This plugin comes with 4 styles and you can choose whichever that suits you best. Layouts are only calculator, list, calculator with a list at the top and calculator with a list at the bottom.

In addition, this plugin supports the Elementor page builder and Gutenberg editor. The premium version of this plugin offers way more features than the normal version and it can even be added to your WooCommerce store. Besides, in the premium version, you can customize widgets and shortcodes and add bitcoin to your currency converter.

8. CurrencyConverter

CurrencyConverter is the next currency converter plugin that supports more than 170 currencies and it’s considered one of the best WordPress currency converter plugins on our list and in the WordPress repository. CurrencyConverter gets its data from exchangerate.guru and updates itself with the latest exchange rate every hour.

Furthermore, this plugin uses browser memory to cache the data. Therefore, it won’t have a negative effect on your website. Besides, the widgets can be customized and configured.

Much like other plugins mentioned on our list, CurrencyConverter can be downloaded from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard itself.


In this article, we introduced the best WordPress currency converter plugins. As you probably know, there are hundreds of currency converter plugins in the WordPress repository. However, as mentioned, we tried to introduce plugins that are simple, yet powerful.

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